SimpleSpot Six Cordless Battery Powered PinSpots W-Case, Charger and Color Gel Filters

ProX X-SimpleSpotPack SimpleSpot™ Six Cordless Battery Powered PinSpots W/Case, Charger & Color Gel Filters

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The ProX  X-SimpleSpotPack is part of our high-quality intelligent lighting products. The SimpleSpot™ is a bright (3 Watt), battery-powered, LED pin spot.  Each X-SimpleSpotPack contains 6 SimpleSpot 6000k Cool White SimpleSpot™.  Each unit will operate for up to 6 hours on a full charge.  The 2 included IRC Remote Controls will enable On/Off, Strobe, Speed, Auto and Up/Down Dimmer.  Each unit projects a cool white beam and gel filters are included for each light consisting of Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, Amber, and White Frost.  The package of 6 comes with a fabric carrying bag with cut foam that holds the charging base and all six lights plus additional storage.

Easy Two Way Mounting

The SimpleSpot™ is easily mounted to drop ceiling supports or can be mounted to any ferrous metal surface.  It provides a fast and easy setup for weddings and special events.  The SimpleSpot™ is most commonly used for illuminating table centerpieces, accent décor, cakes and a variety of applications when you need to highlight a specific object or area!  The charging base allows you to recharge up to six (6) LED units at a time.  A full charge can take up to 4 hours.  The red indicator flashes during charge then turn green when fully charged.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When you initially receive your SimpleSpots, be sure to charge and fully discharge all the lights 4 to 6 times before the first use at an event.  This allows the chemicals in the batteries to stabilize and produce the best run time.   Also, if you turn them down just 5 or 6 clicks below 100% you will not notice a difference in brightness, but you will get a longer run time from a full charge.   By taking these steps you should consistently get 6 hour run times. 


  • Single 3W Single Cool White Cree LED Per Unit
  • Output Intensity: 3200+ Lux at 6.5 feet
  • Unit Power:  12 VDC Rechargeable Battery @ 6000mAh
  • Input Power:  100-240V, 50-60HZ AC
  • Charging System:  Integrated 6 Outlet Charging Base
  • Battery Charge Time:  4.5 Hours (With Power Switch Off)
  • Battery Life:  7.5 to 10 Hours depending on mode/brightness
  • Power Consumption:  3 W Operational - 15W (Battery Charging)
  • Rated Current: .55 W @ 110VAC – Fuse T5A
  • Beam Angle:  5 Degrees - 15 Degrees (With Frost Lens)
  • Weight:  1 lb. Per PinSpot