StageOne 4' Ft Portable Stage with Telescoping Legs Platform Height 16-22-inch

ProX XSU-4X4 STAGEone 4' Ft. Portable Stage with Telescoping Legs Platform Height 16-22-inch

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ProX XSU-4X4 STAGEone 4' Ft. Portable Stage with Telescoping Legs Platform Height 16-22-inch. STAGEone™ Portable Platform System is a versatile and durable solution for a variety of indoor and outdoor events, small venues, schools, churches, hotels, exhibition halls, and more. Featuring height-adjustable telescoping legs that can be adjusted from 16" to 22" (24" extended) with a security pin and cable, this stage platform can support unlevelled ground surfaces, ensuring a stable and secure stage setup. 

The top of the stage platform is laminated with our Signature Honeycomb Digital™ Surface Protection, ensuring a slip-resistant surface for stage performers to maintain their grip, enhancing their overall performance. Additionally, the stage leveling clip and security clamps included in the package ensures that individual stage platforms are securely mounted together, providing a stable and safe performance environment.

STAGEone™ Portable Stage Platforms are a perfect solution for those in need of a robust, easy-to-use, and versatile stage platform. Designed with user experience in mind, this product is a reliable and practical

  • Adjustable Telescoping Legs 16" - 22" (24" Extended)
  • 15 mm thick exterior-rated plywood deck with virtually zero voids
  • Aluminum frame, corners, and cross profiles
  • Non-slip textured finish black laminate top surface
  • Locking system clamp and leveler for a monolithic floor
  • Quick setup with the support needed in four corners
  • Easy to set up by one person with no tools
  • Create tall risers with our other leg systems (Sold Separately)
  • ProX One Year Limited Warranty*