Behringer SUPER-X PRO CX3400 V2 Stereo 2-Way/3-Way/Mono 4-Way Crossover

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The CX-3400 V2 Super-X Pro Crossover from Behringer is a stereo 2-way/3-way and mono 4-way crossover that features limiters, time delay, high-frequency horn equalization, and a mono "Low Sum" output, which is ideal for subwoofer applications. It can be used to provide high-precision audio frequency separation in multiple speaker setups for sound reinforcement systems.

The CX3400 V2 provides three modes of operation: 2-way stereo, for left and right lows (woofers) and highs (tweeters); and 3-way stereo, for left and right lows, mids, and highs; and 4-way mono, for lows, low-mids, high-mids, and highs. The front panel is equipped with an easy to read LED matrix, so you can see at a glance which modes have been selected and which controls are active.

Furthermore, the CX3400 V2 includes a switchable pre-EQ for CD horns that ensures a flat-frequency response before equalization is applied. This raises the signal gain by 3 dB at 3.5 kHz, increases a 6 dB/octave up to 22.5 kHz, and provides consistent dispersion over the entire CD horn frequency range.

In stereo mode, the CX3400 V2 can be switched to "mono bass" mode. The LF signals in the left and right channels are summed together and then routed to the channel 1 low-output connector. This connector can be used to drive your active subwoofers, passive subwoofer power amplifiers, or lighting controllers. The low-sum output is presented in mono, since people perceive extremely low-bass frequencies as being omnidirectional.

Professional stereo 2-way/3-way/mono 4-way crossover featuring state-of-the-art Linkwitz-Riley filters with 24 dB/octave
Individual limiters on each output for optimal loudspeaker protection
Adjustable time delay for phase alignment between drivers
CD horn equalization for constant directivity horn compensation
Absolutely flat summed amplitude response, zero phase difference
"Low Sum" function provides mono output for subwoofer operation
Individual output gain controls for all bands
Individual output mute switches for easy band adjustment
Individual phase reverse switches for instant phase correction
Switchable 25 Hz low-cut filter on each input for low-frequency driver protection
Servo-balanced and gold-plated XLR connectors for all inputs and outputs
Ultrahigh precision potentiometers for ultimate accuracy and repeatability
Illuminated switches for secure operation in dark stage environments
Internal switch-mode power supply (100 to 240 VAC) for noise-free audio and low power consumption

Behringer CX3400V2 Specs

Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR high-output connectors
2 x XLR low-output (LF sum) connectors

Package Dimensions (inches): 20.6 x 4.2 x 9.7
Package Weight: 4.8 lbs