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ProX Fitted Case for Pioneer DDJ-SZ DDJ-SZ2 DDJ-RZ Silver Black w/ Laptop Glide

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PHOTO DISCLOSURE: Controller and laptop are not included on the sale. Sold separately.

ProX Cases Silver digital media flight case designed for Pioneer DDJ SZ Controller

Brand: ProX


Product Description: 

The XS-DDJSZWLT is the perfect companion for the state-of-the-art digital DJ. This ATA style 300 gig ready 

case is designed to protect the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and it does the job well. The case is constructed with a rugged 

and durable Premium Series Plywood, reinforced steel ball corners, as well as recessed steel padded handles and 

latches. There is additional space for cables and small accessories in the back of the unit for convenience, as well 

as a removable front panel so you can access your inputs easily. The Sliding Laptop Shelf creates table space and 

gives you functionality and ease of use during gigs.


• ATA 300

• Spring action recessed handles

• Easy locking fit and tongue

• Heavy and powerful steel ball corners

• Industrial strength rubber feet and latches that can be padlocked.

• Dual anchor rivets

• Premium Series Laminated plywood

• Recessed butterfly twist lock latches

• Cable access hole with removable emblem cover.

• Black Stage wood design finish

• Black on Silver trim Exterior

• Sliding Laptop Shelf

• Heavy duty low profile caster wheels.

Dimensions (exterior): 38.5” x 23” x 10”

Product Weight: 49lbs

Shipping dimensions (exterior): 40.5”x 24.5” X 12

Shipping weight: 56lbs