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QuickShow Pangolin RGB USB Laser Software Interface + 25 ft ILDA Cable

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Pangolin QuickShow is the best beginner-to-intermediate software ever created for laser control. By experience programming under this software to control green, multicolor and full spectrum RGB lasers.

QuickShow comes from Pangolin, makers of the top selling and most awarded laser software. It is based on Pangolin’s over 20 years of programming experience. QuickShow makes it easier than ever to do high-quality laser shows. QuickShow is especially designed for first-time an part-time laserists but powerful enough to satisfy experienced professionals.

QuickShow is a complete laser system. It is capable of graphics as well as beam and atmospherics effects. It has everything you need for a modern laser light show with both live and pre-programmed elements. You can start your lasershow right out of the box, QuickShow comes with nearly 2000 pre-loaded graphics, animations, beam effects and abstracts.

The QuickShow system comes with one Pangolin Flashback 3 QS laser controller. This small, palm-sized box connects between a USB port on your PC and the ILDA input connector on your laser projector. To control additional projectors, you can add up to five more Flashback 3 laser controllers.

Pangolin is proud to announce the latest update to the QuickShow software, version 2.0!
This QuickShow Package will be shipped with QuickShow 2.0 which has some unique new features.
Existing clients can upgrade for free, please take a look at the Pangolin website.

What you get:
-   Flashback FB3-QS interface box: 4.2x2.8x1.3 inch (110x71x33 mm)
-   Latest version of QuickShow on DVD including tutorial videos
-   USB cable, to connect your computer to the Flashback FB3 box
-   Nearly 2000 pre-loaded cues
-   Manual QuickShow

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