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Taramps HD8000 8000 W RMS 1 ohm Amplifier 14.4 Volts Compact w/ Voltmeter HD8K

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NOTICE: Professional installation of this amplifier is highly recommended, we are not liable for any issues that will arise due to improper installation. Warranty applies with the manufacturer Taramp's

Taramps HD8000 8000 W RMS 1 ohm Amplifier 14.4 Volts Compact w/ Voltmeter HD8K


 The HD line is a line of a channel amplifiers with frequency bass response to sub acute average.

They are products ranging 800-8000 Watts of power, applied in several areas aimed at that relates to automotive sound, internal or electric trio.

The HD amplifier is a high performance product, innovative design and edges (front and back) in ABS, which provide more security at the time of installation.

HD amplifiers have RCA inputs (L and R) to take advantage of all the mix of music, directing to a single output.

* Number of Channels: 01

* Maximum Power @ 14.4VDC - 1 OHM: 8000W RMS

* Maximum Power @ 14.4VDC - 2 OHMS: 5360W RMS

* Maximum Power @ 14.4VDC - 4 OHMS: 3108W RMS

* Input Sensitivity: 220mV @ -13.15 dBm

* S / N ratio: 95dB

* Frequency Full Range response: -3dB @ 10Hz to 8kHz

* Crossover High Pass (HPF): 10Hz to 80Hz (-12dB / 8 Ohms) Variable

* Low Pass Crossover (LPF): 80Hz to 8kHz (-12dB / 8 Ohms) Variable

* Input Impedance: 18K OHM

* Protection System: Short in the Output and Low Output Impedance, Low Voltage, High Voltage and Thermal Protection

* Minimum Supply Voltage: 9 VDC

* Supply Voltage Maximum: 16 VDC

* Consumption Home @ 12.60 VDC: 3,3a

* Consumption Maximum Music @ 12.6 VDC: 434A

* Consumption Max sinewave @ 12.6 VDC: 869A

* Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.05" x 2.87" x 15.43" inches

* Weight: 11.88 Lbs

* Package Contents: 

* 1 Amplifier Taramps HD8000 Compact 1 Ohm 

* 1 LED Clip Monitor Taramps 

* 1 Round Taramps 

* 1 allen wrench


  • Do not mount amplifier to speaker box.  Cyclic Vibrational Failure is #1 fail rate of amplifiers and these are lighter than most so their potential is higher if not followed.
  • Do not wire this amplifier lower than 1ohm nominal Impedance. (Equivalent to ~0.7 ohms DCR or Resistive measurement via DMM).
  • Do not clip amplifier above 15.0v for extended periods of time
  • Do not drive amplifier into clipping + protection for extended periods of time (exceeding 20% THD)