Truss Tower Stage Roofing System Package

ProX XTP-GSBPACK164 Truss Tower Stage Roofing System Package -Top Block | Hinges | Base | Outriggers and 1.64 Ft. 2 mm Wall Truss Segment

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The ProX XTP-GSBPACK164 is a Full Package of four-legged outrigger Truss base, with a 4-way Square Truss junction box Sleeve Block,  on a 1.64' long square Truss. Complete with the Rigging Top.  In this package, you have everything you need (except for lift hoist) for one complete leg in the building and flying a large scale truss, supporting mid to heavy-grade level stage installations.  You get:

  • XT-GSB MK2  Rigger Base, with extending legs
  • XT-SQ164  1.64 ft Long Truss segment (Longer segments available separately)
  • XT-GSOUT3  3' Outrigger Brace Tubes (4) with clamps
  • XT-BLOCK  Sleeve Block 4-Way Junction box
  • XT-TOPCM  Truss Top with I-Beam mount with chain Pulley wheels
  • XT-HINGE  4 Hinge block set
  • (Lift Hoist NOT included)

ProX Trussing is a rugged and durable truss solution perfect for live outdoor or indoor productions, exhibitions, retail displays as well as nightclubs, and other permanent installations. ProX also manufactures a comprehensive selection of trussing accessories including clamps, hanging & lifting points, spacers, box corners, mounting poles, base/top plates and much more to complete your ideas and make your design an impressive rigging project or a simple show booth.  Always consult an engineer for complex designs!


  • Height: 11.42in / 290mm
  • Width: 11.42in / 290mm
  • Weight: 21lb/9,5kg per 3.28 ft / 1 meter
  • Main Tube: 2in / 50mm
  • Wall Thickness:  .08in / 2mm
  • Braces: .75in / 20mm

IMPORTANT:  Always know your load weight for your equipment: XT-SQ Truss Loading Chart

  • Manufactured to Exacting Specifications in our Own Factory!
  • Tolerance Free Standard Conical Connectors
  • Truss Main Tube Wall Thickness of .08in / 2mm
  • Load Capacity is 1 Ton (2000 lbs) per unit
  • Material: EN-AWT6 6082 Aluminum and Welded Steel (Painted Black)
  • TUV Certified Aluminium/Steel Welding

TUV is a 3rd Party Certification Body and a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).  TUV provides inspections, testing, certification & training, with the ultimate objectives of reliability, safety & high quality.

ProX Truss products utilize industry-standard dimensions to be compatible to connect to/ and work with many other manufacturers' F34 trussing products with conical connectors.

Standard F34 Square Truss Configurations - Fits most other manufacturers truss with conical connectors

Package Contents

  • XT-TOPCM (1)   Top Truss Section for Electric Motor or Manual Chain Hoist
  • XT-BLOCK-MK2 (1)   Ground Support Sleeve Block for F34 Truss Segment Systems
  • XT-SQ164 (1)   1.64 Ft - 0.5 M F34 Square Truss Segment | 2 mm Wall
  • XT-GSB MK3 (1)   Universal Vertical Tower Truss Ground Support Base on Wheels with Leveling Jacks for F34, F44 and 12" Bolt truss
  • XT-GSOUTS3 (4)   3 Ft. Outrigger Brace for Ground Support Truss Tower
  • XT-HINGE (4)   Conical Tube Ground Support Post towers Male to Male Hinge Joint Fits F31 F32 F34