Crown 660A Commercial Series 6-Channel Power Amplifier 70V/100V

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The 660A from Crown Audio is a 6-channel, 6 x 60W amplifier designed for commercial and industrial audio, and is part of Crown's Commercial Audio Series of products. This amplifier is suitable for use in schools, hospitals, offices, prisons, retail spaces, and other similar venues for applications such as background music and announcements. It features balanced phoenix-type inputs and touch-proof screw-terminal speaker outputs. It also has a protection system for output current limiting and DC and thermal protection.

Six inputs 60W for multi-zone systems
Can be combined with other amplifiers or mixers from Crown's Commercial Audio Series for expandability
Ideal for commercial and industrial use
Protection system includes output current limiting and DC and thermal protection.


Frequency Reponse (at 1 watt from 4-ohm tap):
100 Hz to 19 kHz +/- 1 dB.
Frequency Response (at line out): 20 Hz to 20
kHz +/- 1 dB.
Signal to Noise Ratio (ref. to rated power, master
volume at minimum): 85 dB.
DC Output Offset: < ±5 mV.
THD: Less than 0.5% at rated power at 1 kHz.
Input Sensitivity (for full output at maximum
gain): 800 mV.
Input Impedance (nominal): 100 kilohms.
Minimum Load Impedance:
100V output: 160 ohms.
70V output: 80 ohms.
4-ohm output: 4/8 ohms.
Crosstalk (all controls at “10”): –70 dB at 1kHz.
Load Impedance:
Ch. 1-4: 4 ohms and 70V/100V.
Ch. 5-6: 4 ohms