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JBL 2414H-1 1-inch Genuine Factory Neodymium Compression Driver for EON Speakers

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The JBL 2414H-1 1” (25.4mm) Polymer Diaphragm Neodymium Compression Driver is a high-frequency compression driver used with JBL’s portable audio systems including EON210P, EON 300, EON 500 and most EON series. This high-frequency compression driver delivers crystal clear highs. The ferro-fluid cooled driver features a 1.0” (25.4mm) exit and is coupled to 100 x 60º (H x V) waveguide for broad, consistent coverage over the entire audience area. The constant beam-width and power response is a good match to the woofer, resulting in a smooth and even response.

Compression driver replacement for: EON210P, EON305, EON315, EON510, EON615, etc.