Numark RS200T Replacement Crossfader for Numark Controller Mixer 48195-A RS-200T

Regular price $ 39.99

This genuine Numark crossfader is just the ticket when you're ready to replace the crossfader in your CM200 or 200FX DJ Mixer.

The RS-200T is the replacement crossfader the Numark 200FX, 200FXmkII, C3FX, C3USB, CM200 and CM200USB, and C3 mixers. Fader measures 3-7/8" x 1-3/16", has one 4-pin connector and one 5-pin connector.

NOTICE: We do not accept returns for this crossfader. Please ensure that it will fit your equipment. This is sold "as is". They are brand new from Numark if there are any issues due to improper installation or any other reasons, returns are not accepted.