Short Tripod Microphone Stand W/Boom

ProX T-MIC05 Short Tripod Microphone Stand W/Boom

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The ProX T-MIC05 is a short-height microphone stand with a telescopic boom and tripod base.  The tripod base adds stability and folds down for easy storage and transport.  The height of the stand is adjustable from 18" to 28" while the length of the boom arm is 22".  Both the stand and the boom arm terminates in the industry-standard 5/8" thread.  This microphone stand/boom combination is ideal for churches, schools, clubs, conference rooms, music venues or anywhere PA systems are being used.


  • Min.Height 18.00"(H)
  • Max. Height 28.00"(H)
  • Boom arm length 22.00"(L)