Dolly Cart for Base Plates and Truss - Holds 8-30 inch or 10-24 inch Base Plates

ProX X-BP8X30-10X24 Dolly Cart for Base Plates and Truss - Holds 8-30 inch or 10-24 inch Base Plates

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The ProX X-BP8X30-10X24 Baseplate Dolly is the ultimate base plate storage system and transport system. Built from steel and black powder-coated, its sturdy and rigid frame allows for easy loading and unloading of base plates.  This rolling dolly has fitted racks for base plates to be stacked vertically saving you time when you set up or tear down an event.  The dual fit allows each cart to hold either ten 24" or eight 30" baseplates.  24" and 30" baseplates cannot be mixed on a single cart.  

In addition to the transport of both steel and/or aluminum baseplates, there are 4 telescoping brackets that come out of the cart frame which allows the cart to carry one stick of truss on each side.   Four Industrial grade full swivel wheels (2 with brakes) which also allows a much more maneuverable cart.

May fit other brands of baseplates, but fitment is not guaranteed except for ProX baseplates.

Truss and Baseplates not included, shown for illustration only.

  • All Steel Construction
  • Black Powder Coated
  • Built by Certified Welders
  • Fits Through 32 to 36" or Larger Doorways (without trussing)
  • Easy Adjustable Truss Supports
  • Holds up to 10 24" Baseplates or 8 30" Baseplates
  • Four Heavy-Duty Swivel Casters for Easy Movement

Disclaimer:  Improper handling, set-up or use of the ProX X-BP8X30-10X24 Baseplate Dolly could cause it to fail which could lead to serious injury or death. Please be sure to read, understand and follow all operating instructions and weight load information before using this product. Do not allow children or untrained persons to use this product. There are no obligations of liability on the part of ProX Live Performance Gear® for any personal injuries, death, direct or consequential damage or any other indirect damages with respect to, loss of property, revenues, profit or costs of removals, installations or re-installations arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of this product.

Up to 8, 30" Aluminum ProX Base Plates or up to 10, 24" ProX Aluminum or Steel Base Plates - Sizes cannot be mixed!

Also, a single section of F34 Truss can be transported on each side in addition to the base plates.