Mirror Ball-Stands Package of 2 X-MB20STAND & 2 MB-20 & T-SS28P

ProX X-MB20HSX2 Mirror Ball-Stands Package of 2 X-MB20STAND & 2 MB-20 & T-SS28P

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The ProX MB-20 is the ultimate start for your party! The 20 inch Mirror Ball is the perfect way to get your crowd moving, with its classic effects that work well with any lighting rig.  Our MB-20 mirror ball is made of 0.44" glass mirror tiles, which are smaller than those commonly used today. As a result, they offer an increased number of reflective tiles for a more dazzling and colorful effect.  You can achieve the classic disco effect through the use of a Pin Spot (sold separately)

The ProX X-MB20STAND you can take your party to the next level with the 16" mountable mirror ball hook.  The mirror ball stand fits the MB-20 mirror ball and comes with its own built in motor that turns at 1 RPM.  The mirror ball hook  mounts on the T-SS28 Stands

The ProX T-SS28P Cloud Series, professional speaker stands set are essential for on-the-go musicians, Mobile DJs, and anyone who needs quick, convenient setup. Day in and day out, this all steel and aluminum stand adjusts to your needs quickly and easily and stays that way until after the show, where you'll appreciate how quickly it collapses for transport. Focus on your performance instead of your equipment. Newly designed locking pin mechanism keeps tubing protected and locks vertically and horizontally.  This stand also features all metal joints making this a really heavy duty stand.   

  • Includes 2 MB-20 Mirror Balls
  • Nothing says “Party” quite like a Disco Ball!
  • Includes 2 X-MB20STAND Mirror Ball Stand W/1RPM Motor
  • Includes 1 T-SS28P Set of 2 Speaker Stands with Carry Bag
  • White Powder Coat Finish on Stands
  • Stands Telescope from 44 in. to 84 in for easy positioning
  • Classic with Pin Spot (sold separately)