Stage Dolly Cart Kit Fits 8pcs 4x8 ft XSQ stages Platform

ProX X-STG-4X8 Stage Dolly Cart Kit Fits 8-10pcs 4x8 ft XSQ stages Platform

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ProX X-STG-4X4 Stage Dolly Kit transports up to eight 4'x8' ft XSQ MK2 stage decks. It's built with professional welded high-grade steel. It has four 9.5" inch heavy-duty casters, two with dual step brakes (1-front, 1-rear). This dolly easily allows you to transport stages when stacked on top of each other.  Each wheel swivels 360˚ degrees allowing sharp turns and maximum maneuverability. This product supports most stage deck brands. 

• Supports 4'x8' Stage Decks
​• Tough Steel Welded Build
• Smooth Maneuvering
• Supports most stage brands/
• Heavy-duty 9.5" Caster Wheels
• 360˚ wheel swivel
•Dual-Step Braking System
• Made for XSQ MK2 Stages
• Easy rests in a stacking position

XSQ MK2 Stages and most brands