TWISTER 770 Watts Water-based Fog Machine w/ Wireless RF remote

ProX X-T770 TWISTER 770 Watts Water- Based Fog Machine W wireless RF Remote

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The Xstatic Pro Lighting XT-770 Twister 770 is equipped with new sophisticated technology including an advanced cast aluminum heater, high precision PCB design, ETS and RGBA LED lighting. The quiet high-quality pump, when combined with our ultra-efficient heater technology, contributes to the incredibly low fluid consumption of less than one liter per two hours of continuous fogging (at 30% output). High precision fan control can be achieved thanks to the durable twin fans and the Twister's digital control module. The high-quality bearings in the fans allow silent operation, making the machine ideal for use at noise-sensitive events. For a small degree of fine-tuning, and a perfect haze of fine particles is achieved and minimal residue ensures long-term reliability of sensitive lighting equipment. The Twister 770 is preferred by many top stages and studio professionals.

700w Power Rated Water-based Fog machine
Wireless RF & 10 Ft. Wired Remote
High Output Fog Machine
Advanced Heater System
PCB board control temperature
4 min Quick Heat Up
Continuous high output
Variable smoke output
Very fine smoke particle size
0.25 liter fluid tank
3,000 cu.ft/Min, AC 120V 60 Hz