Professional Waterproof SAC3FX Power Twist True Power Connector FEMALE Plug

ProX XC-SAC3FX Professional Waterproof SAC3FPX Power Twist TR1 Connector FEMALE Plug

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ProX XC-SAC3FX Professional Waterproof SAC3FPX Power Twist True Power Connector FEMALE Plug. This Plug connector achieves IP65 protection when used in combination with matching counterpart. ​Includes screw connectors for conductor cross sections up to 2.5 mm² and collet for strain relief.

Up to 16A / 250V 
Type: Power Twist True Conenction
Plug/Socket: Female
Load Capacity: (A) 16 A
IP 65 Class: Yes

Sturdy PVC housing with lock
3-Pin AC plug (input)
With collet for strain relief
Rated up to 16 A / 250 V
UL (Power In)