Professional Cable Ramp Protector - 5 Channels

ProX XCP-5CH Cable Protector 5 Channels

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ProX XCP-5CH cable ramps comprise a range of models with different sizes to chose from. Made precision workmanship from a synthetic rubber material, the ramps are designed to be used for various applications including, Stages, Workshops, Construction sites, Shopping Centers, Sporting Events, Tradeshows, Street festivals, and more.   32" -1.25"

Withstands Temperatures
-86° F (-30 C°) to 122° F (50 C°)

32.50 L x 10.00 W x 2.00 H

  • Nearly Indestructible Materials
  • Anti-slip patterned surface
  • Extreme High or Low Temperatures
  • Weight Capacity 66 Tons
  • Hinged lid for easy cable removal
  • For Indoor/Outdoor use

Cables up to 1.25" diameter (per channel)