ATA Flight Style Road Case for (2) Moving Head Lighting Fixtures with (6) 4 inch Casters

ProX XS-MH275X2W For (2) Moving Head Fixtures ATA Flight Style Road Case with (6) 4 inch Casters

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ProX XS-MH275X2W ATA Flight Style Road Case for (2) Moving Head Lighting Fixtures with (6) 4-inch Casters. Introducing our innovative Moving Head Lighting Case, designed to store and transport two units with unparalleled convenience and protection. Its unique split-open design allows for effortless loading and unloading of your valuable lighting equipment while ensuring secure placement during transit. 

Equipped with six durable 4-inch casters, this case effortlessly glides across any surface, providing smooth mobility and easy maneuverability in even the most challenging event environments. Navigating crowded spaces, uneven terrain, or tight backstage areas is a breeze, thanks to the reliable and robust casters. With this level of mobility, you can transport your moving head units without any hassle or strain. Ideally, this case best supports large and oversized moving head units with large lighting bases.

Inside the case, you'll find a well-designed interior that maximizes organization and protection. Customizable foam inserts allow you to create a perfect fit for your specific moving head units, ensuring they remain secure and free from unnecessary movement during transportation. The additional padding guarantees that your equipment is shielded from scratches and dings, allowing you to focus on delivering stunning light displays without worry.

  • Fits 2x Large Moving Heads
  • Ideal for units with a large base
  • Stackable Caster Dishes
  • Silver Hardware + Black Finish
  • Heavy-duty Off-Terrain Steel 4" Casters
  • Super-Sleek Honeycomb Digital™ Surface
  • Recessed Spring-Loaded Rubber Handles
  • Twist-locking Recessed Butterfly Latches
  • High-Density Foam Interior
  • Aluminum Caster Dishes in Case Lid
  • Reinforced Dual Anchor Rivets
  • ProX Limited Lifetime Warranty