TruckPax Utility ATA Flight Case Truck Storage Road Case with Dividers Tray and 4" in casters – 48"x30"x30" Ext

ProX XS-UTL483030W MK2 TruckPax Utility ATA Flight Case Truck Storage Road Case with Dividers Tray and 4" in casters – 48" x 30" x 30" Exterior

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ProX XS-UTL483030W MK2 TruckPax Utility ATA Flight Case Truck Storage Road Case with Dividers Tray and 4" in casters – 48" x 30" x 30" Exterior. TruckPaX™ road cases stack perfectly like building blocks. Most professionals utilize these cases by packing them end-to-end across shipping containers, box trucks, and semi-trailers.

The case is equipped with “hold-open” lid hinges for convenience and safety. It includes a removable utility tray and case dividers for organizing your gear. It also comes equipped with case stackable caster dishes and a Dry Erase Label Insert. This heavy-duty Road Case is built to last a lifetime*, with its rugged construction and high-quality materials and workmanship to give you the ultimate security for your gear.

Exterior Dims: 48.5" x 30.5" x 30.5" 
Interior Dims:  46" x 28" x 19.5" (+3" Lid)
Ball-to-Ball: 24" / Floor-to-Ball: 30"   

If you are passionate about your gear and want to keep it safe, this case will always perform at the highest level. These utility cases come in a variety of options and are ideal for storing and transporting Cables, Stage Lighting, Stands, Wedding DJ Supplies, Rental Gear, and all sorts of pro gear.

The Build
TruckPax Utility cases are made with 1/2" Plywood and 3/4" Caster board and created utilizing CNC technology to ensure consistency within strict specifications and tolerances. ProX Live Performance Gear has been a family-owned business since 1984. And we strive to make the best product made to last a lifetime.

Everyday Protection
This rolling utility case includes our Signature Honeycomb Digital™ Surface Protected lamination. Made to look super-sleek with hexagon grids on all sides of the case in a variety of color options. This helps prevent minor to mild scratches during its lifetime.

Environment Safety
We strive to make a cleaner world by minimizing damage to the environment, so we switched the production of our high-density rubber foam inserts. Our rubber and foam padding contains 70% recycled materials of that recycled content, most comes from recycled plastic bottles you throw out every day, and the remaining is from recycled post-industrial material.

DISCLAIMER: all third-party products shown are for display purposes only and are not included with this product. For the safety of your laptop or any other gear placed on the sliding shelf: DO NOT leave your laptop or any other devices (besides the controller) left inside the case. Do not attempt to move or transport the case with objects on the sliding laptop shelf while it is ajar.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What "Does Ball-to-Ball" mean?
This means when you want to line up the side of the case to side so that it even fits into a truck, the dimensions start exactly from the very edge of the ball corners mounted to the case. This means that you can fit the case exactly by touching the ball corners to each other maximizing the cargo room in the truck for your cases.

What is Truck-Stackable or "optimized for stacking"?
This means that the cases are designed to fit easily in standard trucks of 90" and 96" wide and up to 156" height interior measurements by stacking them on each other using the caster dishes which hold the stacked securely in position on the case(s) below.  

  • Silver Hardware + Black Finish
  • 1/2” Plywood with Honeycomb Digital™ Surface
  • 3/4” Plywood Caster board
  • Dry Erase Label insert Lid tray
  • Powerful Steel Ball Corners
  • Heavy-duty Off-Terrain Steel 4" Casters
  • Super-Sleek Honeycomb Digital™ Surface
  • Hold Open Lid Hinges
  • Recessed Spring-Loaded Rubber Handles
  • Recessed Twist-locking Flush Butterfly Latches
  • High-Density Foam Interior
  • Packs neatly inside 96” Box Truck/Semi
    Aluminum Caster Dishes for Stacking
  • Reinforced Dual Anchor Rivets
  • 4x Heavy-duty 4" Caster Wheels (2-Locking)
  • ProX Limited Lifetime Warranty

Optimized for 96" & 90" Truck/Container Packing