Z Frame 2 Leg Adapter for StageQ MK2 Staging System

ProX XSQ-ZLA2 Z Frame 2 Leg Adapter for StageQ™ MK2 Staging System

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 The ProX XSQ-ZLA2 Z Frame 2 Leg Adapter for StageQ MK2 Staging System for use with the  XSQ-ZF35 Z Frame 3-5Ft Adjustable Support for StageQ MK2 Series Stages.  These leg adapters provide for a method of joining 2 Z Frame section lower tubes and a single leveling point of those junctions.  The Z frames provide an additional level of support and horizontal bracing not available when using single pipe telescoping legs.   For heavy loads and staging with lots of potential movement on it, these will provide an extra level of safety and convenience. 

The ProX StageQ™  MK2 Heavy Duty Platform Series is a convenient transportable staging solution that built tough and designed for maximum durability and safety. Engineered to minimize your set up time and effort with industry-leading design, materials, and precision production process. 

  • ProX One Year (365 days) Limited Warranty

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