Z Frame 1 Meter Pole W-Clamps for StageQ MK2 Series Stages

ProX XSQ-ZP100 Z Frame 1 Meter Pole W/Clamps for StageQ™ MK2 Series Stages

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The ProX StageQ™ Heavy Duty Platform Series is a convenient transportable staging solution that built tough and designed for maximum durability and safety. Engineered to minimize your set up time and effort with industry-leading design, materials, and precision production process.  The ProX XSQ-ZP100 Z Frame 2 Meter Pole W/Clamps for StageQ™ KK2 Series Stages is a 1 Meter locking pole that provides an additional layer of diagonal support to work in conjunction with the Z Frame legs for increased safety and stability. 

  • ProX One Year (365 days) Limited Warranty

StageQ™ MK2 Staging System