16 Ft. Frontal Loading Lifting Tower for Line Array System | Max Load 200kg - 440 Lbs Black

ProX XT-AT04B 16 Ft. Frontal Loading Lifting Tower for Line Array System | Max Load 200kg - 440 Lbs Black

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The ProX XT-AT04B is the  FENIX AT-04B.   FENIX Stage with 20 years of experience is the manufacturer of lifting towers in Valencia Spain, offering innovative high-end quality, reliable and efficient products to all customers worldwide. ProX Live Performance Gear® offers Fenix Lifting Towers in the USA. The XT-AT04B meets strict European standards. Certified to current standards [EC 89/392 EWG] [BGV C1, BGG 912]

XT-AT04B Rigging tower Frontal loading lifting tower allows raising the load from the floor, avoiding any single effort and specially designed for a reliable lifting of Line Array Systems of up to 440 lbs to a maximum height of 16 Ft. This product is perfect to fly line array systems, trusses and LED screens. The compact design with castors gives the XT-AT04B Rigging tower easy handling and maneuverability, reducing storage space and it is the ideal solution for touring, rental, and event production (concerts, events, trade fair stands, stage construction, fitting-out discos, theaters, broadcasting, TV, etc..).

These stacking trusses, manufactured with extruded aluminum (Alloy: EN-AW according to 6082 T6) and TIG welded (continuous cord for maximum strength), are specially designed to be piled up, reducing storage space and making it easier to handle.

During lifting, the tower telescopic mechanism lift can stop safely at any of the PLS (Pin Locking System) positions. These pins take the load off the wire rope. The steel base provides great stability when the adjustable screw-jacks are well balanced and the bubble level on the base provides accurate leveling.                                 

Specific Details:

  • Material: Aluminium AL Si 6082 / T6
  • Workspace: 1,45 x 1,49m (4.75 x 4.88ft)
  • Closed base area: 0,38 x 0,48m (1.25 x 1.58ft)
  • Weight: 93kg (205lbs)
  • Winch: AL-KO 501 Plus 500kg (1100lbs)
  • Cable: Galvanized steel under EN 12385-4.
  • Maximum cable load: 2.000kg
  • Cable twisting resistance: 1.770N/mm²
  • Cable diameter: 6mm (1/4")
  • Cable composition: 7x19+0
  • Double safety security system: Inner pendulum and external trigger in sections.
  • Leg attachment: Safety pins
  • Bubble level: to vertically adjust the tower.
  • Also available in Silver XT-ATO4
  • Maximum height: 5m (16 ft)
  • Height folded: 1.59m (5 ft)
  • Maximum load: 200kg (440 lbs)

​Leg Base Safety Lock: The automatic leg locking system allows the outriggers to anchor easily in the correct place, doing away with old and uncomfortable safety pin rings
Polyamide plates: The plates are made of Polyamide. This raw material offers more resistance than metal and it is wear-free. The Polyamide plates can rest against any surface without damaging it, carpet, tiles, etc.
Safety Pins: Safety pins stop the load from falling down. You can select different tower heights safely by raising the bars equally, this distributes the load evenly from the main bar to the last bar. Ultimately this prolongs the tower's lifetime and increases its stability.
Circular Bubble Level: The location of the bubble level at the base helps you to stabilize the tower easily and accurately.
Reinforced base: All our towers use a reinforced iron base that supports heavy loads and high heights.
Ring: A ‘Ring’ is included on each side of the AT Series towers to enable additional support cables or straps to be tied directly to the tower, increasing tower safety.
Transport Handle: Included on the AT Series towers to move the tower vertically and horizontally. This also protects the cable and the winch during transportation.
Roller System: Included on the AT Series towers to allow transporting the tower horizontally.
Winch: Our winches are manufactured by industry-leading companies. They are resistant and durable as well as oversized for additional safety and better cable pull.
Carriage Lock: Prevents the carriage from moving during transportation.
Safety Pendulum: All frontal loading lift towers include an internal safety system that automatically blocks the tower if a sudden drop is detected, e.g. if the cable broke or was cut.
Tower Safety Pins: Allow selecting different tower heights safely by raising the bars equally.

QUALITY All our products undergo strict quality controls in the manufacturing process, which is a short space of time has made us one of the leading companies in the market. This is the reason why our quality has been recognized nationally and internationally in all types of projects related to the entertainment and events' organization businesses (concerts, events, trade fair stands, stage assembling, fitting-out discos, theaters, broadcasting, stores, TV, etc.).

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE We are specialized in developing engineering projects meeting our customer's requirements and demands, obtaining a maximum degree of satisfaction thanks to our exquisite treatment and care offered both to the client and their equipment.

SAFETY At FENIX Stage, we are committed to products and people's safety. To guarantee maximum security, our products are designed, manufactured, and tested by qualified engineers at each stage of the manufacturing process. All FENIX products are manufactured with materials that offer high resistance, reliability, and security.

MANUFACTURER'S DIRECT WARRANTY Our products are manufactured at our facilities in Horno de Alcedo, Valencia (Spain) and have been certified by current legislation [CE 2006/42] [BGV C1, BGG 912].