Portable Truss Top or Floor Stand for F34 W-2 Inch - 50mm Mounting Tube

ProX XT-FS34Portable Truss Top or Floor Stand for F34 W/2 Inch - 50mm Mounting Tube

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The ProX XT-FS34 Floor Stand Base W/2 Inch - 50mm Mounting Tube is an all-steel device that allows you to place lights with 2" Clamp mounting on F34 Truss Tops or even on the floor.  You can securely mount lights and monitors from the top of a truss, without the use of a truss base/top plate This solution is far more secure and safer in comparison to attaching a light or speaker on a base on top of the vertical trussing with straps.  It can also be used on a floor or ground surface by removing the half couplers or even leaving them in place.

ProX also manufactures a comprehensive selection of trussing accessories including clamps, hanging & lifting points, spacers, box corners, mounting poles, base/top plates and much more to complete your ideas and make your design an impressive rigging project or a simple show booth.

The ProX Conical Coupling System allows for genderless trusses, providing a more precise line up of chords and fastening points, while the conical shape of the couplers helps maintain overall rigidity at the stress points and makes parts harder to damage. This system also makes assembly/disassembly quick and easy, all you need is a small brass or aluminum hammer.

  • Manufactured to Exacting Specifications in our Own Factory!
  • Weight: 6 Lbs.
  • Black Powder Coated
  • Includes Connecting Hardware
  • Material: All Steel Construction
  • TÜV Certified Welding

TÜV Certified Welding TÜV Rheinland® is a 3rd Party Certification Body and a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).  TÜV provides inspections, testing, certification & training, with the ultimate objectives of reliability, safety & high quality.

Top Tube Ends of F34 Conical Truss