Vivitar Bright Adjustable 120 LED Continuous Light Panel Camera Camcorder Video

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The Vivitar VL-900 LED Light Panel will provide flicker free and consistent illumination, perfect for shooting portraits and macro work. The panel has 120 LED bulbs that will run up to 8 hours using the included Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. It comes with two different diffusers, white and orange. The white diffuser provides a color temperature between 5000-6000k, while the orange provides temperatures between 3000-3500k. The VL-900 also features a built in adjustable dimmer and will attach to any camera, camcorder, or bracket with a hot shoe.


120 Color Corrected, Cool running LED lights for even natural lighting
Built in adjustable dimmer
Hot shoe mount for use with all camcorders, cameras, or brackets
Up to 8 hours continuous use
When using White Diffuser (included) color temperature will be 5000k-6000k
When using Orange Diffuser (included) color temperature will be 3000k-3500k
Beam luminance up to 1000 lux


Color Temperature White Diffuser: 5000k-6000k
Orange Diffuser: 3000k-3500k
Beam Luminance Up to 1000 lux