Yamaha PSR-A5000 61-Key World Music Arranger Workstation Keyboard - UPC: 0889025133234
Yamaha PSR-A5000 61-Key World Music Arranger Workstation Keyboard - UPC: 0889025133234
Yamaha PSR-A5000 61-Key World Music Arranger Workstation Keyboard - UPC: 0889025133234
Yamaha PSR-A5000 61-Key World Music Arranger Workstation Keyboard - UPC: 0889025133234
Yamaha PSR-A5000 61-Key World Music Arranger Workstation Keyboard - UPC: 0889025133234

Yamaha PSR-A5000 61-Key World Music Arranger Workstation Keyboard - UPC: 0889025133234

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Yamaha PSRA5000 Overview
Looking to make powerful and expressive music in genres from around the world? Check out the Yamaha PSR-A5000, a 61-key keyboard workstation that's designed to perform and produce compositions using new sampled instruments and 210 updated styles.

You'll find Qanoon, Oud, Nay, and many other voices with incredible realism. The added Super Articulation! Voices and dedicated world instrument waveforms are provided with 10 times the resolution found in the previous generation of PSR-A series workstations. Additionally, you can create original Voices and Styles with the PSR-A5000. The memory expansion has been increased to 1 GB, which provides a ton of room to design and store various high-quality content. The instrument supports Styles with multiple signatures, increasing the possibilities in Style programming.

The PSR-A5000 sounds stellar through its updated bi-amplified speaker system with a wide-stereo audio field. Two pairs of 1/4" outputs allow you flexibility in recording and mixing, while the onboard USB MIDI and 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors allow you to interface with any hardware or software sequencers.

Navigate the PSR-A5000 arranger using the 7" TFT touchscreen or setup the assignable buttons to access your preferred functions. Other features include a joystick controller, a chord looper, and crossfade portamento, which allows for smooth and expressive transitions between successive notes. The PSR-A5000 ships with a power adapter and a music rest.

At a Glance
1161 voices, including 299 world music voices, 44 world music drum kits, 20 Revo!SFX kits
454 styles (including 260 world music styles, khaleeji, shami, masri, maghrebi, Persian, and Turkish)
Crossfade portamento with velocity and time-related parameters
128 key drum kits with key off note, upper octave (-3 - +3)
Style section time signature, style section reset
Live control knobs, live control joystick, assignable buttons, 7-inch color touchscreen, FSB keyboard, sub output
Scale tune setting buttons, scale tune memory buttons
Mic/guitar input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers
Chord looper function
Playlist and registration for quick and easy set-up, preset registration
Voice and style expandability with the Yamaha Expansion Manager
Audio recording (WAV/MP3)
1GB (approx.) onboard memory for expansion data, 2GB (approx.) internal memory
2 USB to device terminals

Iconic World Instruments
The most prevalent world music instruments have been sampled with amazing detail. They feature multiple dynamic layers, various playing styles, and were mixed down in stereo. Yamaha provides Revo! SFX kits with Wave Cycling technology for Super Articulation! technology, which is applied to control different articulations. Voice content is conveniently categorized for easy access.

Istanbul Strings
Istanbul Strings are one of the most popular strings section in Turkey. Their sound has been recorded innumerable times and can be found on many current music productions, not only in Turkey but also on international records.

Drums and Percussion
Expanded drum kit functionality allows you to play 128 mapped instruments from a single kit. Great care has been taken with drum mapping to provide an optimized, intuitive layout for World music finger drumming on a keyboard. Thanks to newly added key-off samples, drums and percussion Voices sound very natural and make performance and programming easier. Revo! SFX kits provide more natural drum rolls and enhanced expressiveness.

Advanced Portamento
Crossfade portamento with velocity and time-related parameters. Transition speed and velocity of following notes are editable, allowing smooth, expressive transitions between successive notes.

Chord Looper
Chord looper lets you record a chord sequence and play it back, freeing your left hand from playing chords and providing new ways to enhance your performance. You can let the chords repeat automatically, so you can focus on other aspects of the music.

User Interface
Scale tune buttons offer easy access during live performances. Individual note pitches can be easily modified and stored as your own new scales to scale tune memory locations. Assign your favorite function/parameter to live control knobs, joystick, assignable buttons, foot pedals and home shortcuts. FSB keyboard offers remarkable playability thanks to its heavier initial key resistance, greater key travel, and refined keyboard structure. The 7" touch display and new graphic user interface provide for instinctive control over the instrument's powerful features.

Sub Output
The PSR-A5000 features two sub line-out connections that you can use to adapt your sound to various situations. Try routing bass through a separate subwoofer for a fuller, more powerful bottom end, or send parts and drum instruments to an external console to shape your sound further.

Audio Recording and Editing
Audio files can be played back on the instrument, plus you can directly record your performance as audio files to the internal User drive or a USB flash drive. The instrument also provides a variety of advanced, convenient audio playback and processing functions, including time stretch and pitch shift. The Vocal Cancel function significantly reduces the volume of existing vocals in an audio file, allowing you to sing karaoke style with just the instrumental backing. Since audio files can also be assigned to multi pads and played back during your performance, the creative potential is enormous.

Yamaha Expansion Manager
With Yamaha Expansion Manager software on your computer, you can continually expand the onboard content of the instrument by creating and installing your own custom and downloaded Packs. Supporting WAV, AIFF, SoundFont, and even REX format, for handling audio slices, the scope of possibilities for new sounds and styles is virtually unlimited.

Live Control
The live control joystick and knobs let you intuitively control your performance in real time. A wide variety of functions can be assigned to the joystick and knobs, so you can easily add variations to the sound during your performance. The Assignable buttons let you set your favorite functions and shortcuts, letting you easily customize the instrument to match your own needs and playing style.